Mobile Masters 2 iPad + iPhone

Mobile Masters 2 is an iOS app that highlights the best mobile artists from around the world. This application presents the work, process and concepts of these artists in a interactive storyline. Visit to download the app from the iTunes Store.

Mobile Masters Second Edition iPad+iPhone Implementation  Explore over 50 immersive interactive portfolios with over 300 images from some of Gallery Gallery Gallery Mobile Photographers from around the world. Hear them speak about their creative vision and how they created each image in their PROOF Portfolio. Each artist also shares links to their favorite artists and resources. You can even follow them on Facebook or email them directly right from the ebook! In addition see video updates on some of last years Mobile Masters and uncover many resources and tutorials to improve your work and get a complete understanding of the current state of the mobile arts. Available now in iTunes TAP HERE
Mobile Masters iPhone Interactive  In this video you can see how we re-purposed the code from the eBook done in Adobe DPS to expand the impact of the Mobile Masters gallery show. There are a lot of possibilities with this technology that we can weave into your marketing endeavors. 
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